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Stick with hydrogen release make hydrogen rich water from drinking water.
Usage is very simple. Just put the stick into bottle with drinking water and wait at least 30 minutes. This product make it possible to ingest hydrogen, which difficult to intake in daily life, by the simple usage.


①Wash a 500cc plastic bottle
②Pour water into the bottle.
③Take out the stick from the package and wash it for 2-3 minutes with hands.
④Put the stick into the bottle and tighten the cap.
⑤Keep sealed condition at least for 30 minutes before drinking.



◎Drink 2.0L of the hydrogen rich water per day.
*If it is possible to drink more than 2L in a day, drink the equivalent amount of 5% of your body weight.
◎Drink as frequent as you can.
◎Before and after sweating (e.g. exercise, bathing), before bedtime, and after awakening are the best time to drink the hydrogen and minerals rich water.
◎Avoid drinking the cool water.

The longer a stick is soaked into water, it will emit more hydrogen into water.
To take a lot of hydrogen, prepare 2 bottles of water with 1 stick for each at all times. Alternately drinking each bottle can provide enough time to emit hydrogen into another bottle. And it is also efficient to prepare 2 bottles water with stick before bedtime.

Those of drinking ways help your health maintenance.




Active hydrogen is generally-regarded as effective element to remove active oxygen which has an adverse effect such as cancer and aging and so on. To prevent diseases of adults, active hydrogen get a lot of attention now in Japan.

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