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PBD, PacificBeam Deo, series is specialized for odor-elimination function, and it keeps superior deodorizing effects even after adding to substrate. To make significant difference against competitive products, PBD can help to add the value of outstanding deodorizing function to your products.


Powder type
PBD-Original Powder (PBD-OP)
Particle size is about 10μ. Non-solvent soluble non-dissolved) type. Suitable for kneading into resin, plastic, silicon, and rubber materials. Due to the high heart resistance, can be used to mix into resin with the high molding temperature.

Liquid type
PBD-Water Liquid (PBD-WL)
Water liquid type. Suitable for mixing into paint, coating agent, wax, and any other water liquid materials. Just by diluting with water, also can be used as deodorizer to spray.


PBD - Original Powder     By manufacturers

Resin 1.0~3.0% Silicone 1.0~3.0%
Plastic 1.0~3.0% Rubber product 1.0~3.0%


PBD - Water Liquid     By manufacturers

Bond 1.0% or above Cutting oil 1.0% or above
Wood 1.0% or above Paper 1.0% or above
Wax 1.0% or above - -


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