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Q.How to renewal the effection?

A.Follow the instruction below. ①Pour 2 teaspoons, 10g, of salt into 500ml of water. ②Wash a stick with water, and soak the stick into prepared salt water for about 8 hours.③8 hours later, wash and rub the stick well with water.

Q.What are general precautions during renewal?

A.Renew a stick once weekly, and if soaked too longer than indicated time, 8 hours, hydrogen generation may be overmuch in a bottle.

Q.Is it possible to soak the stick into tea?

A.Do not put the stick into tea, juice, alcohol, and so on. To drink those drinkings with hydrogen, use hydrogen water when brew-up. *Do not heat up water with the stick.

Q.What is deposit, which form in bottom of bottle with stick?

A.The deposit is magnesium hydroxide. It is harmless for body.

Q. Does the stick have other usage without drink?

A.Hydrogen-rich water can be used as water for face-wash.

Q.If the stick is not used for a long time, how to store the stick?

A.Dry the stick out and store in a low humidity place.

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