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Q. How can I buy PBM-Deo Spray and Deo Mist in my country?

A. For custermers in Japan, just visit our online shop. For custermers in oversea, please ask through the inquiry.

Q. Can I use PBM-Deo Spray in bathroom?

A. PBM-Deo Spray does not contain hardener, so it does not attach on surfaces. For bathroom, washroom, toilet, Osmotic Coating is the best agent. For the detail of Osmotic Coating, just click here.

Q. Do I have other choices to prevent mold?

A. We can also provide other choices from PBM-Series. For example, kneading into medium at manufacturing process. If you are not satisfied with effect of Deo Spray, please ask a question through inquiry.

Q. Spraying directly on PC is OK?

A. When use on electrical products, should not spray directly. In this case, spray to cloth and wipe the products. This method is also good to clean the top of a desk.

Q. Is Deo Spray is safe even for sensitive skin?

A. By some safety data, PBM-Series are proved its safeness. I also have sensitive skin and often get a rush from alcoholic disinfectant solution. But I do not get a rush from Deo Spray, because Deo Spray does not contain alcohol.

Q. Can I use it as degerming agent ?

A. Deo Spray is not degerming agent but fungicide. Before using, remove mold on spots.

Q. What kind of things should I check before using?

A. Before spraying entirely, spray on invisible parts to test change in color.


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